Prayer as Mission

December 2, 2016


by Philip Nation Prayer is more than simply offering my list of needs before God. Now, make no mistake, we are told by God to ask what we need of Him. But too many believers stop there and never consider the rest of the world. Nor do they understand that prayer is an action we […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie!

November 26, 2016


White & dark turkey meat, sauteed onion, bok-choy & home-fried white potatoes, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, bacon-peas & candied carrots!! And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord #Jesus, giving thanks to God & the Father by him. Col 3:17

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Now the Work Begins

November 18, 2016


This is a personal prayer that I have to get off my chest & through my fingertips (lest I continue to be consumed with a 24/7 spiking-the-ball, confrontational attitude). I have no problem picking all that up again…as is needed & necessary – but will understand if this doesn’t quite fit the mindset of everyone […]

Stand in the Gap Radio

November 17, 2016


From The American Pastors George Barna joins the program as guest to give an analysis on the role that Christian Conservatives played in this election. Also, where do we go from here and what must be said and done to bring about unity in our nation? Host: Sam Rohrer

You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

November 17, 2016


…but if you vote, sometimes, you just might find – you get what you need.

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Did’ja ever notice . . .

November 3, 2016


…that scientists, radio talk-show hosts & just plain folks talk about “the fossil record” (as it relates to mankind’s existence) as if there actually is one?       [#LOL! ]

Facts & History on Halloween

October 31, 2016


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