Grace: Pass It On!

May 28, 2015


Originally posted on Letters to Lindsey:
Dear Lindsey, J.R., who recently turned 7, had an “it’s-tough-being-a-kid” day the other day. It began well as we decided to go fishing on a nearby State-owned lake. I had bought new rods-and-reels for his sister and him, in an attempt to reduce the chances of tangling. (I am…

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Curious Values

May 23, 2015


by Andy Bannister One bright spring morning in the early 1630s, a wealthy Dutch merchant was delighted to receive a visit from a sailor bringing a tip-off that a very valuable cargo had just arrived at the docks. As a reward for the information, the merchant presented the sailor with a fine red herring. Whilst […]

Denzel Washington, on God

May 18, 2015


Thank you for your faith, Mr. Washington!

Race Matters

May 12, 2015


by Margaret Manning Shull As a young girl, I had the unique opportunity to travel to South Africa. We stayed for a month in December when I was just five years old. My father’s parents and sister had immigrated to South Africa from Britain, and it was a rare opportunity to travel to see them. […]

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Think Again: The Glorious Lessons of Faith

May 6, 2015


Posted by Ravi Zacharias on April 10, 2015 We may be familiar with the concept that faith in God results in works—but we often forget that the reverse is also true. One of the fundamental distinctives of the Hebrew way of thinking that we find in the Scriptures is the understanding that the knowledge of […]

Theology as a Subject

May 2, 2015


by Cyril Georgeson “Why would a theologian have anything to contribute to any worthwhile discussion, on any subject whatsoever?”1 So asks Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and author of The God Delusion. He further articulates his disgust for theology in his 2006 article in The Free Inquiry magazine: “What has theology ever said that is of […]

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Was Winnie-the-Pooh a Good Muslim?

May 1, 2015


An Application of Muslim Hermeneutics to a Bear of Very Little Brain by Andy Bannister 1. Introduction In recent years a growing trend among many Muslims has been to make the claim that Jesus was a ‘good Muslim’[1]. Others have described him as ‘a prophet of Islam’. Their method has been simple: by mining the […]

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