Responding to Atheist Propaganda

August 13, 2015


by Ken Ham on January 16, 2015 Christians need to understand that many secularists have put together a very effective propaganda machine as a part of their effort to impose their atheistic religion on the Western culture, intimidate Christians, and influence the government to limit freedom of religion (particularly in regard to Christianity). To help […]

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How Does this Fit in?

August 6, 2015


Origin – Meaning – Morality – Destiny… _______________________________________________________ …how does this barbarism fit in?

The LIFE on Life Initiative

July 29, 2015


Originally posted on TEAM Centurion:
July 29, 2015 By Kristen Seidl 1 Comment “If you do not have a spot in your life where you are giving selflessly with no possibility of a return, you are living a hollow existence.” -Chris Brady There are countless stories coming in of Life Leadership Members participating in events that represent…

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ShariAmerica & the Establishment Clause

July 27, 2015


Nabeel Qureshi @NAQureshi If you didn’t watch this video by my friend David Wood in 2011, you should watch it now.… @Acts17 #FightThePowersThatBe!

Want to Change the World? Start with Art…and Optimize

July 17, 2015


By Joshua Tijerina Posted on: | July 17, 2015 We all hear lots of “commentary” (read that as “clichés”) about communicating online: “Content is King!” “Big Data” “Think outside of the box!” “Test, Test, Test!” “Taking it to the next level” “Viral” Blah, blah, blah. The best commentary I have ever read on communicating online […]

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#LoveWins [?]

July 14, 2015


John 15:10  10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. …and it’s the ONLY way “love wins”. Abiding in the Lord’s commandments/precepts; NOT walking in a continuous life of sin. There is no “crimping” of God’s ways, or His […]

The Supreme Court is Not THE Supreme Court

July 7, 2015


  by Frank Chesser, M.S. [NOTE: The following uplifting words are based on a sermon by A.P. board member Frank Chesser preached on Sunday, June 28, 2015 in Montgomery, Alabama in response to the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriages.] There are twin sins that could serve as bookends for all other sins—abortion and homosexuality. […]

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