postmodern[ed] poem.

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The sweet, wedded rape of chance, meaning and definitions torn apart…assuages past preferences to light aloud the demeaning of sanctity & sacred societal scaffolding.

Blight & honed, via addendums, to wit we ask [askew & skewered].

Meanings have reasonably purposed definitions…a structure  behind the syntax. [And] more than a broad-based meta-narrative could exhume, a less-than-placid cacophony will up-endingly deplete reserves of patience kept @ bay for [the sake of] civility.
So, back-breaking straws aside, what should be our response?

Soft, answerable love-thine enemy nostalgia? An Inside-Baseball [batter-up!] approach to the [re]negotiation of transcendent terminology?

Forthridden & objective[o]lity such says-spoken examplia moderative[ation] negates culminated & culturally obligatory swansongsinging…

None-of-it shall I now, or retroactively, embrace. The path leads to cultural and individual deestruction (former without/latter within).

When definitions & dialogues change, so do inevitable outcomes. Bludgeon it now or live with its shackles, fettered round & about your feet, neck & hands…

…but forget ye the tongue* (for that’s what begun it all in the first [foremost?] place).


*It bled your heart.

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