Treasure into Trashcans

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J. Seamus Boylson • I’m beginning to think that “absurdity”, in its broadest sense, is falling into the same definitive category as “Common Sense” (Vs. “I have never found anything very ‘common’ about ‘sense'”); or, in politics, “Consensus Opinion” (but who makes up/elects the opinion-makers who decide what the “consensus” is?).
Perhaps “absurdity”, like “beauty” & “pornography”, is simply in the eye of the beholder! Akin to the conundrum of “one man’s treasure is another man’s trash”. We can probably beat this notion senseless, & still not come to a “consensus”; but THAT would be “absurd”, wouldn’t it?

–a Discussion thread on Linked In

It doesn’t fall into the same category; they’re actually antonyms. And the phrase you’re looking for is “I find that Common Sense isn’t too common” – meaning that not too many people exhibit the sense that they [should] have been born with.

The notion that absurdity is in the eye of the beholder falls into the postmodern concept that the speaker makes up the definitions of the words he speaks – rendering definitions useless. Smuggling in your idea by prefacing it with the word “perhaps” is a cheap stunt. You embrace perversity and hope that others will follow suit. If anything is “absurd” here…it’s your fetid thinking.

Moving on, the treasure/trash thing isn’t a conundrum…it’s an adage. Some people value objects, others don’t…nothing too puzzling about that, unless one is easily amused (and, if that particular shoe fits for you – so be it). Beating it senseless would be a waste of time, to be sure – but not necessarily “absurd”.

Moving on to “consensus”: the political scene has been derailed…with politicians making decisions that clearly run against the consensus, or more specifically the will, of the electorate – and, when “we, the people” vote their stupidity down…they attempt to over-ride via the judiciary – clearly NOT “consensus” building.

All that said. Trash is usually trash. Witness the trashy decision (going counter to “common sense” and leaning towards totalitarianism) of allowing the act of placing one’s penis into another man’s anus to be labeled “marriage” (rolls eyes)

Talk about absurdity (or, if you will, putting one’s treasure into another’s trashcan).

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