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Renee FanninAll great bravado and values. But, my marriage poses no threat to you. Tell me in simple terms how my marriage in any way interfere with your ability to live your daily life A’s a Christian. No one ever has. No one can. Because it doesn’t. Co-exist. Live your life. Let me live mine.

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Gene Bulmer It will be my pleasure to answer your query, Renee:

Homosexual marriage degrades the definition of marriage the way a ramshackle hut on a street of grand estates brings down property values. It perverts the very definition of the word, concept and values associated with marriage by seeking to graft in perversion to a sacred state of a divine institution.

Additionally it erodes the culture in much the same way: by labeling “bad” to be “good” and aberrant behavior to be synonymous with normal behavior.

It’d be like me bring a ten speed bicycle to a Harley Davidson motorcycle club and demanding my bike be granted equal status. One doesn’t fulfill the same function as the other…despite the fact that they both have 2 wheels and handlebars.

They’d say “Go ahead and ride, brother…but don’t call that thing a “Hog”.

Simple enough?

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