Willow Creek re-cast: 8/24/2011

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Notes from today’s web-cast:

  • Henry Cloud – 3 categories of people: Wise – Fools – Evil (leaders need to make these on-the-spot assessments all the time).
  • Make little “notes to self”ALL the time.
  • Honesty: It happened on my watch – didn’t mean it – but it happened, I accept it and I’ll work hard to fix it. Call a problem a problem, deal with it & move on…
  • Weighing tensions (when the yogurt hits the fan):
  • It didn’t start out as a “spiritual moment”…1st as a little “locker-room” thought…(nice way to frame our initial thoughts)
  • Passionate personality – let the Holy Spirit speak to me
  • Time Helps…perspective
  • Starbucks Snafu – 1st draft – read them to my wife – drafts 2, 3 & 4 – let your Team “own” the statement too.
  • Could it be “miss-tweeted”? Twitter changes everything.
  • It goes back to team: more eyes & ears.
  • Anxiety management: “My hair’s on fire!” ~ : D
  • Move towards the funk…fast
  • Themes:
  • Humility & Vulnerable
  • Furdick & Booker
  • Mama Maggie – just her countenance could slay!
  • More on Humility: Advancing others / Attention going to the right place / Goals for  the TEAM –
  • Out of danger or –> Stepping it up
  • The numerics/metrics…& the need for community building
  • Life’s too short to spend that much time @ the water cooler.
  • “The earth didn’t stop…a process started”
  • 2 top-shelf axioms:
  • A bias for action- when in doubt…DO something!
    Get up in the AM “What yardage can we make today?”
  • Language matters. The words we use mean something (contrary to postmodernism) – Leaders cannot afford to be careless with words.
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