And if you believe that one…

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You’re stumbling through the woods of South Dakota…lost, but still fresh & with an ample supply of food-bars & water in your back-pack.

After another 1/2 hour you come upon a clearing and, after making your way out of the woods, find yourself gazing upon an awesome sight of nature. There before your very eyes, is the product of millions upon millions of years of natural erosion upon a wall of granite.

Somehow, some way (as your mind harkens back to your high school science class where you were dutifully drilled hat, given enough t-i-m-eANYTHING was possible!)…via an eons old process of

  1. Pinpoint lightning-bolt strikes
  2. Gale force winds, and
  3. Torrential hurricanes, tornadoes & rain

…this mountain of granite bears an eerie almost uncanny resemblance to not 1…not 2…not even 3, but 4 U.S. president heads!!

What are the odds? But never mind that, you whip out you iPhone & begin snapping off as many photos as your SM card can handle. This you’ve gotta’ tell your friends!


Now we, all of us, know that the human body – what, with its 350,000 letter perfect DNA genetic code is infinitely more complex than even this mountain of solid rock…yet one would NEVER come close to speculating that Mt. Rushmore was anything less than the brilliant work of a sculptor.

The sheer design begs the answer of a designer…& an intelligent one at that.

And that’s the point.

;- ]

Next up…Soup!

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