Lucy in the Sky with…Retrofitted Hip Joints?

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For the crowds who drift by the exhibit, the evidence seems pretty firm. Here is Lucy—the famed Australopithecus afarensis—staring thoughtfully into the distance. Her back straight, her eyes nearly human.

But like many such displays, this Living World exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo went far beyond the fossils that have been studied. When we look at those, the picture we get of Lucy is much different.

Resting on Footprints

Most people don’t realize that the case for a human-like Lucy mainly depends on fossilized footprints. These impressions found at Laetoli in Tanzania are indistinguishable from human footprints you’d find on a beach. So, how do we know they weren’t packed down by Homo sapiens? According to evolutionists, they’re much too old.

You see, rather than question their dating methods, evolutionists believe these “human-like” footprints must be from the time before humans. Since humans weren’t there (in their scheme of history), they need something else that could have done it. And that’s where Lucy comes in.


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