I Am . . .

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February 26, 2013 in Soul Care | Re-post by Scott Williams

I AmAs Christian’s we must learn to embrace a saying from an old school
cartoon hero named Popeye. One of Popeye’s favorite sayings was
“I Yam, What I Yam!” Translation For This Post:

“I Am What I Am, because God said so… The End!”


Learning To Embrace These 21 Little “I Am’s” Will Change Your Life

  1. I Am A Follower Of Christ
  2. I Am Created For A Purpose
  3. I Am More Than A Conqueror
  4. I Am Held Accountable For My Actions
  5. I Am Defined By What God Thinks Of Me and Not What People Think
  6. I Am Called To Love and Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others
  7. I Am Characterized By The Potential and Not My Past
  8. I Am Writing My Testimony
  9. I Am A Work In Progress
  10. I Am FREE
  11. I Am A Winner
  12. I Am A Lender and Not A Borrower
  13. I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  14. I Am The Head and Not The Tail
  15. I Am Above and Not Beneath
  16. I Am Chosen
  17. I Am Appointed
  18. I Am Destined
  19. I Am A Masterpiece – I Am The Master’s Piece
  20. I Am Born To Manifest The Glory Of God Within Me
  21. I Am What I Am – By The Grace Of God

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