Pray Like a Man!

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Jesus, I surrender my life to you . . . to your leadership. You are my
King. I pledge my life and my allegiance to you and you alone. I
grant you unrestricted and unconditional authority over me . . . in all
respects. I give you my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, my spirit,
my will. I give you my family, my friendships, my job, my career, my
rest, my recreation. I am grateful for, and awed by, your absolute
I ask that you, Holy Spirit, guide me, guide my life, give me counsel
and teach me to follow Jesus ever more closely. Show me how to
become a man who engages in nothing for which I cannot ask for
the blessing of the Father, nothing for which I cannot invite the
inspection of Jesus.
Jesus, I stand with you. I stand under leadership. I agree with you. I
want to make my life all about you.
I will to go where you go. I will stay where you stay.
I will receive what you give. I will do without what you take away.
I will do what you require. I will be the man you want me to be.



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