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On Loving a Thing . . .

September 30, 2014 by


Hillsdale’s List of Top Ten Books You’ve Got to Read

September 29, 2014 by


Alumnus David Graber, ’14, nominated the College via Facebook to list our picks for the top ten most influential books, so we asked professors from around campus for recommendations. The hardest part of creating this list was narrowing it down to just ten books! Without further ado, here is Hillsdale’s list of ten most influential books, and why you’ve […]

As is? Not, uhm…quite.

September 28, 2014 by


Official Trailer for Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels

September 27, 2014 by


This project premiers on October 17th, 2014. More information:

When Does A Life Lose Its Worth?

September 25, 2014 by


By Alliance Defending Freedom | Posted Sep 25, 2014 by Sarah Kramer, Marketing Campaign Coordinator As young children, my sister and I often imagined we were “doctors.” Doctors save lives, and we loved taking turns “rescuing” the other from a certain death. To us, doctors were heroes, healers, and protectors of life. In our innocence, […]

Danny Kaye explains #ClimateChange

September 24, 2014 by


Danny Kaye explains #ClimateChange / #GlobalWarming (better than anyone @ the U.N)


September 23, 2014 by


1 Peter 3:15

Careful…that Bible’s loaded!

September 17, 2014 by


;- )

All Theories are Not Created Equally

September 14, 2014 by


I cam across a quote by Philosophical Theist on comparing the theory of evolution to the theory of gravity. Might be useful: “Evolution theory is a theory which deals with the past, where as gravity is a mathematical theory which describes a force we can measure at this very moment. Yes, evolution tries to extrapolate […]

The Last Enemy

September 12, 2014 by


by J..M. Njoroge   In spite of the proverbial certainty of death and taxes, the human psyche has always dreamed of discovering loopholes in whatever mechanisms fix the limits. Yet though it might be possible to cheat on one’s taxes, “cheating death” remains a phrase of wishful-thinking applied to incidences of short-lived victories against our […]

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