All Theories are Not Created Equally

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I cam across a quote by Philosophical Theist on comparing the theory of evolution to the theory of gravity. Might be useful:

“Evolution theory is a theory which deals with the past, where as gravity is a mathematical theory which describes a force we can measure at this very moment. Yes, evolution tries to extrapolate into the past from processes at work in the present. But evolution theory is not a mathematical theory. As acknowledged by these evolutionists: “Grand theories in physics are usually expressed in mathematics. Newton’s mechanics and Einstein’s theory of special relativity are essentially equations. Words are needed only to interpret the terms. Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has obstinately remained in words since 1859.”[1]

Computer scientist, and passionate Darwinian theorist, Gregory Chaitin who has tried for years to provide a mathematical foundation for Darwin’s theory says dryly:

“For many years we have been disturbed by the fact that there is no fundamental mathematical theory inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution”[2]

To that sentiment, I would add:

“Boo stinkin’ hoo…”[3]



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