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The concept of universal human rights makes no biological sense: the only possible grounds for human rights is theological

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@andygbannister Naturally/Scientifically it’s a free for all. The only basis stems from intrinsic worth-a concept embraced only in theology


@andygbannister @PablodeFleurs If so, this badly-written paper certainly doesn’t prove it.

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@andygbannister @PablodeFleurs Anything that requires justification/approval from an outside source, isn’t inherently worthy, is it?

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@CBTman@andygbannister Really. Based upon what ontic referent por favor? apologeticsworkshop.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/ont…

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@PablodeFleurs @andygbannister …and that’s not “intrinsic” worth. Intrinsic worth has to be humanistic, because it’s not given to us.

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@CBTman @andygbannister It’s built into us. Again, by what subjective metric (ontic: real vs supernatural) do you make this claim.?

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@PablodeFleurs @andygbannister Your argument is logically incoherent. Intrinsic worth doesn’t come from the outside.

CBTman's avatar@PablodeFleurs @andygbannister I don’t utilize “God’s” moral code. Neither do you.

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@CBTman @andygbannister 1. You do; everyday. Like a fish in water asserting that the water doesn’t exist, your starting point imports morals
2. from a worldview with which you’re at odds; like wearing glasses borrowed from a worldview which offers hope.
3. Otherwise, you’ve nothing with which to differentiate good/evil, right/wrong except feelings & pragmatism.

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@PablodeFleurs @andygbannister My morality is based on compassion, the wish that (myself and) others not suffer, not your outdated rules.

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1. Invalid: “Compassion” is subjective, as are feelings. Thus 3 billion versions of compassion do not moral law make
2. Some cultures honor their guests; others eat them-same with abortion. Subj. reason does not get you to morality.
3. But you’re welcome to try again. What is your ontic referent? (Hint: there isn’t one).



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1. Like challenging God to a human making contest & borrowing His dirt, #atheists seek to measure/judge good/evil, right/wrong by borrowing
2. God’s moral code (which doesn’t exist in their worldview). They must smuggle in tools from a worldview they claim not to believe. #Clever 

Jason is an example of an atheist who isn’t fully versed in what his Worldview posits (random, pointless meaningless existence). He cannot logically defend ANY of his viewpoints, but pops in, now & again with a remark he thinks is clever; but the circular logic begs otherwise.
But he does provide a sort of comic relief, now & again on Twitter.
#Think: does your Worldview offer an explanation for  Origin, Meaning, Morality & Destiny?
: )