Love thine who?

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But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Let’s apply the sound mind talked about in 2 Timothy: God has set up 4 areas of jurisdiction in the world – and we must deal with the “enemies” of those jurisdictions accordingly AND differently.

This theological gear-shifting provides a bit of solace to me. I freaked out over the Orlando shooting (not because the victims were homosexual – but because they were innocent people undeserving of the hatred of Islam) & had near equal visceral reaction to Obama’s denial of Islamic terror & Christian “love-thy-Muslim” reactions to the massacre.

We are NOT called to love entire people-groups who are at lethal odds with our culture. We may love individuals as well as individual enemies (those who treat us poorly, disdain & persecute us). But NOT those whose ideology is so twisted that they seek to kill & destroy our culture, families & very selves – that’s a perversion of Jesus’ words.

Nor are we to love movements that run 180 degrees at odds with our faith. Islam denies the Bible, denies God (their Allah is not the God of the Bible) and denies Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. (and if you’re reading this whilst wearing an “I Love Lucifer” tee-shirt – then you’re part of the problem).

And we don’t love unbiblical/unconstitutional governments ruled by perversion & tyranny.

Know your enemy according to God’s jurisdiction:
Individual | Family | Church | Civil Government

Know who to love, who to hate and who to destroy. If necessary, watch ‘Braveheart’ & ‘Gladiator’ repeatedly until you get it.

And, if you’re a limp-wristed former Muslim attempting to tell me that the majority of Muslims are “peaceful”…save it. Peaceful Muslims hang out with Leprechauns & ride Unicorns.

Love enemy 1
Love enemy 2
Love enemy 3