Now the Work Begins

Posted on November 18, 2016 by


This is a personal prayer that I have to get off my chest & through my fingertips (lest I continue to be consumed with a 24/7 spiking-the-ball, confrontational attitude). I have no problem picking all that up again…as is needed & necessary – but will understand if this doesn’t quite fit the mindset of everyone else.

Laying down, for a brief moment, the hammer of Thor; I’d like to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving – not simply for next week’s Thanksgiving holiday – but to the Lord: galvanizing the heart & soul of this country, driving them to the polls, delivering us from the evil alternative this election offered and giving us more time as a nation.

Much as the farmer patiently waits for God to deliver the increase, while all the while tending to his crops and his work, doing his work-aheadpart, so we too did our part as we waited upon the Lord to deliver…

…and deliver He did!

There may be some room for healing (though there doesn’t look like much), but I pray for those I am able to reach as I go about the business of interacting with cultural leaders & working to bring about a cultural shift to those with whom I come into contact.

Now help me to put away the feelings of wrath and vengeance and simply enjoy the satisfaction & sweetness of last week’s victory. And while there are some close to me who are 180 degrees in opposition to my point of view, help this country’s new direction show them the wisdom of that direction and our new leadership. And if not, give me strength to gracefully guide them to new thinking.

Thanks be to God, (for the victory was His) in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord,