Whom is God Sending to You?

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TEAM Centurion

Are we equipped to serve those to whom God sends us?
From a Leadership Lens perspective?

Leading & mentoring others is hard work. Often because the mentee will struggle & fight against the change you’re attempting to bring about – and you must be ready, with a toll=-chest full of tools to prod, cajole, push, pull, at times exhort, and love your mentee back onto the path for which they were called.

Therefore read, listen & associate with the books, audios & other leaders to hone your mentoring skills to the point where you’re equipped for every good work for which God has created you. ___________________________________________________________________

–from Blackaby.net, February 22nd, 2017

“So I brought him to Your disciples, but they could not cure him.” Then Jesus answered and said, “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear…

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