5 Realities about the Weight of Shepherding & Building People

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TEAM Centurion

I work within an industry that gives people opportunities to improve & lead themselves, their families (wives, husbands, children, etc.) and, eventually, their communities & culture. It’s a process of building interconnected teams which strive for both individual and team goals. The overall vision (achieved by addressing individual goals & markers along the way, as stepping stones) is a culture which is turned back to God and His Word & plan for us: Making individuals & families whole again eventually makes culture and the world whole again.

The hurdles that must be overcome to become that “better version” of themselves, and thus become equipped for “every good work” which God has planned for them, can be (and often are) enormousand predominantly mental/emotional & spiritual.
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The world conditions us to be 95% thinkers: thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, “Debt is normal”, “Tolerance of most everything is expected &…

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