Disruption (Creative Destruction)

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Proactive discipline!

TEAM Centurion

by Mark Sanborn

Change is a constant. (Ho hum.) But if you know that, what are you doing about it?

If you are committed to making your best even better, you won’t just react to change, Disruptionyou’ll create it.

In this blog series, I’ve been sharing tips from my new book, The Potential Principle, on where to focus on improvement by using the four areas of the Potential Matrix—the performing quadrant, the learning quadrant, the thinking quadrant, and the reflecting quadrant. Now I will share four powerful tools you can use in all these areas to create breakthrough improvement and move closer to realizing your full potential. The first tool is this:

Disrupt yourself before someone or something else does it for you.

If change hits you from some other source—say, a disruptive technology, company, or nation—you’ll find yourself scrambling to adapt. You’ll be struggling to catch up rather…

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