Crutch vs. Cross

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I just placed ‘Mere Apologetics’ on my nightstand & am looking forward to reading it.

In Mere Apologetics, Alister McGrath points out that “one of the most familiar criticisms of Christianity is that it offers consolation to life’s losers.” (1) Believers are often caricatured as being somewhat weak and naïve—the kind of people who need their faith as a “crutch” just to get them through life. In new atheist literature, this depiction is often contrasted with the image of a hardier intellectual atheist who has no need for such infantile, yet comforting, nonsense. This type of portrayal may resonate with some, but does it really make sense? (2) . . .

Read entire article by Simon Wenham:

(1) A. McGrath, Mere Apologetics (Grand Rapids, 2012), 167.
(2) Article adapted from Simon Wenham’s “Is Christianity Just a Crutch?” Pulse, Issue 10 (Spring 2012), 14-16.