Here’s a list of online resources for either Bible Study, Journaling or drilling-down into Science, Christian demographics, Worldviews or Apologetics:

1. Bible Gateway – Search God’s Word…in many different versions

2. – A devotional resource from the authors of Experiencing God.

3. Stand to Reason –

4. Barna Group – Christian demographics

5. RZIM – the international ministry of Ravi Zacharias.

6. John Lennox – Science & Ethics.
1. Who Created the Creator?
2. Limitations of Science
3. Evil done in the Name of Religion
4. More…

7, Answers in Genesis – Biblical answers to Science…a.k.a. “the man behind the curtain”.

8. Wisdom of the Bible –

9. Our Daily Bread – More devotionals.

10. Wallbuilders – Think the founders were nothing but deists? Think again! The website of David Barton.

11. Collide Magazine – Where Media & the Church Converge.,58,62,66,70,74

12. Cause of Liberty – Freedom isn’t free.

13. Christopher Brady – Christian, Best selling author & Patriot. Chris’s Blog.

14. Powerline – Conservative News.

15. Lifeway –

16. Crosswalk – The Intersection of Faith & Life.

17. The Veritas Forum – What is Truth?

18. – A Community of Online Ministries.

19. Christian Resources –

20. All Grace Blog – Pastor Robert Dickie.

21 A Finely Tuned Universe; the 2009 Gifford Lectures

22 Berean’s Online Sermons See Resource 20, above: Sermons from Bereans Babtist Church

23 C.S. Lewis Society:

24 A World Between

25 Louis A. Markos, Ph.D

26. Atheism/Agnosticism – Specifically “The Reason Driven Life”

27. Precept Austin

*     Greek Biblical Thesaurus & Commentary Archive:
*     Greek Word Studies section:
*     Commentary by Verse:
*     Bible Dictionary:

28. Magis Reason Faith –

29. Leadership Journal –

30. The #apologetics daily (twitter based):

31. Brian Dodd on Leadership –

32. Presuppositional Apologetics defined:

33. BBC Apologetic Pod-Casts –

34. Alister McGrath, The God Delusion (You.Tube) –

35. Ratio Christi, Apologetics Resources for Kids _

36. Apologetics MP3 site –

37. John Lennox videos –

38. Sermon Audio (mp3s) –

39. GospelWay –

40. Evolution vs. God (You.Tube movie) –

41. A Hero of the Faith – Sermon series by Tullian Tchividjian:

42. Short Daily Devotions – Write a Short, daily devotion for them;

43. Ultimate Questions (a pamphlet for the new Christian, by John Blanchard)

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